NP is not only an online web store, it is a virtual place where you can constantly obtain new information. But while the website is the best way to reach the widest audience, is not the only way that I offer an approach to the Neatpipes world.


Beginning September 2012, you can meet me at the new Neatpipes Studio in Milan. Finding the right place to settle has been an intensive process, but after a great deal of research, a unique location was found at the Fornace Curti, close to the Naviglio on Ludovico il Moro Street.


The impression that you have when crossing the threshold of the Fornace Curti is to step back into the past, into the narrow paved streets and courtyards of the old Milan. The Fornace Curti (Fornace is Italian for “brick-kiln”) is a site dating to the late 17th century and currently hosts a wide variety of painters, photographers, sculptors and designer’s workshops.


Such a place, saturated in creativity and a deep love of art, seemed exactly right for Neatpipes to put down its roots.  I want Neatpipes Studio to be a place to exchange different point of views, a place open to discussion, as well as a showroom where you can see each pipe offered on the website and many more. I look forward to see you here, to share a relaxed moment and help you to find an aspect of the pipe smoking that perhaps you’ve not even imagined yet.