Beijing Pipe Show

by Luca di Piazza

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Radice | Le Nuvole | Posella |

by Russ Ouellette

The CORPS Expo at the Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia is the longest continuously running pipe show in the United States. 2013 marked the 29th annual expo, and, as always, I was looking forward to it with great anticipation. Read more

by Luca di Piazza

Our visit to Adam Davidson was just a couple of days before the Richmond Show and he was finishing a few pipes to bring there. In the next pictures you can see a little of how Adam's make his beautiful Bamboo shank pipes. Read more

Adam Davidson |

by Mark Irwin

McCafferty is one of the co-founders of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors, if you wondering why I’m reviewing a hard-boiled mystery here at Neatpipes. His specialty is detective and crime fiction, as lovers of the Joshua Pitt and Hays McKay novels already know. Common to all McCafferty’s fiction are detectives who love pipe-smoking—in this case, detective Max Grant of NYC back in December of 1939. Read more