by Mark Irwin

It is a real delight to introduce one of Neatpipe’s own young artisan pipe-makers, Davide Iafisco. Luca introduced me to Davide at the Chicagoland Show last May, and when I was cruising through all the astounding pieces on display in Luca’s rooms, I saw that Davide had brought a number of his own pipes. With Roberta’s help I chatted with Davide for a few minutes and learned he was working toward a debut.  Read more

Davide Iafisco |

Ciao Paolo!

by Luca di Piazza

I would like to dedicate a few words to say goodbye to a man who was both adear friend of mine, as well as the pipe world as a whole. His name is Paolo Becker, and he passed in the night between Friday and Saturday last. Read more

Paolo Becker |