John and Jared met while working at a Christian camp near Yosemite back in 2007. The camp didn’t allow its employees to smoke, and their mutual rebellion against this policy lead to a wonderful friendship. In late 2009, they began a series of conversations that would result in the purchase of two pipe kits. By the time those were done, fate had spoken.

John grew up outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to the foothills between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks during grade school. He attended Sierra high school in Auberry, CA. He received his first pipe at the age of 12, and when he turned 18, was primed to become a full-fledged pipe smoker. All through college and university he worked in the mountains around Yosemite at a Christian camp, where he used his boy scout experience to become a jack-of-all-trades; climbing, spelunking, auto mechanics, beer drinking, woodworking, leather working, and of course, pipesmoking. After graduating from Fresno Pacific University with a degree in communications, he worked for that institution in video production, honing his skills as an editor, DP, and audio tech.

When he and Jared made their first pipes in December of 2009, John decided that pipes were the thing for him, and continued to make pipes while doing video work. As of May 2013, John is making pipes full time with Jared.

Jared grew up in the orange groves of the eastern San Joaquin Valley. He was homeschooled through high school, after which he attended College of the Sequoias and University of California at Irvine, graduating with a degree in economics. After the initial pipes with John, and during his time in Orange County, he started to fiddle with pipe kits. He found making pipes to be quite addictive, luckily without too much detriment to his studies. In 2010, He got married and moved to San Diego while his wife, Kristen, finished school at UCSD. He contacted Jeff Gracik of J. Alan pipes, a San Diego resident, and was able to witness the making of a truly high grade pipe.
When he moved back to central California for family health reasons, he took this knowledge with him, and started making pipes in real earnest. John and Jared have visited Jeff Gracik since then, and continue to be influenced by him and his work.

After their debut at the 2011 West Coast Pipe show in Las Vegas, they have grown their skills and artistic voices at breakneck speeds, and continue to innovate and push the limits of design while maintaining a solid foundation in the classical shapes.

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