In the pipe world, the fact to find a woman crafting pipes is something very rare. Denmark has a relatively high number of women pipemakers, with three superior representants of the feminine side of our, usually masculine-oriented hobby.

Manduela, together with Anne Julie and Nanna Ivarsson explores the pipe world in a different way than what we are used to see, with a peculia and often obsessive attention to details.

Manduela Riger-Kusk simply Manduela, Mandu for friends, approached the workshop of her master Poul Ilsted since 1990, from whom he learned the techniques of pipemaking. In 1992 she began to create some pipes with her own name, working as indipendent pipemaker.

Manduela lives in Denmark since she was 4 years old, between her house in Copenhagen and her workshop in Svendborg, close to Poul’s workshop. 
The 90's saw a break in the production of pipe as Mandu interest was pending to stone sculpture and scene designer in the movie industry, where she achieved many successes.

Mandu is known for her “miniature pipes” as she thinks it is the best size to express her creativity. Her artistic "closeness" to Poul Ilsted, also known as Mr. Bulldog, gave her the chance to be the only pipemaker able to achieve perfect facets that characterize the shapes of her pipes.

In recent years, Mandu’s Rhodesian, with a beautiful hexagonal and long shank, is among her most recognizable and well-known pipe.
The attention to details and stylistic perfection is also enhanced through the use of a very huge number of exotic woods and ebonite extravagant colors such as blue or gray.

Manduela finally enters Neatpipes Collection, as a spearhead of the artistic Danish pipemaking world.

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