Peter Heeschen

Peter Heeschen produces approximately 30 pipes per month on his small farm property near Odense. Mr. Heeschen's pipes are made from top quality aged briar. Each pipe will smoke like it is already broken in from the very first bowl. He has traveled many places since the start of his pipemaking career with numerous trips to pipe Shows in the U. S. A. and he has a large fan base there and in Japan.

Mr. Heeschen uses only top grade German Vulcanite, Cumberland, or Synthetic Amber for the Hand-Cut Stems. The mouth pieces are cut down to 3.7 mm to 4.2 mm for a very comfortable fit.

Mr. Heeschen uses antique Ivory, Whale Tooth, Silver, Bamboo, and many Exotic Hardwoods to decorate the stems or shanks of his pipes.
All of Peter Heeschen's pipes are drilled large for a good draw, and they will accommodate a large fluffy pipe cleaner. The engineering of each pipe is superb, and the tenon mortise connections fit perfectly with no gaps.

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