Grant Batson

Grant was born in 1975 and he started crafting guitars with his father and his brother, founding the Batson Guitars Co. when he was just fifteen.

A few years later he started working with some pieces of briar, creating his first pipe. He practised at Todd Johnson workshop first, for seven month, before training with Teddy Knudsen in Italy.

Batson pipes are a mix of eclectic design shapes, with many classic inspiration and various freeform examples. Grant likes using exotic woods, as well as horn, bachelite or bamboo. The mouthpieces of his pipes are hand cutted from black or colored ebonite rods.

Grading system

In this page you can find a gallery of some of the pipes of this carver previously sold at These pipes are not available. If you like one of them, please get in touch with us! We will help you to find a similar one!