Carlo Scotti founded Castello, a small artisan pipe workshop, in 1947.

His vision was for this workshop to produce pipes that are, both in their technical and aesthetic execution, of the highest of qualities.

Though simply stated, myriad of details must be carefully attended to in attempting to reach and maintain this standard of quality.

From briar block to pipe, this means working exclusively with the best of the best briar available and knowing exactly when to start and when to finish each process; also working with precise intentions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and general good taste; once the pipes are made, it also means choosing only shops of the highest professional reputation.

There are countless other aspects to establishing this reputation, this image we have come to appreciate today as “Castello”, the perfect reflection of what Carlo Scotti set out to do 50 years ago, a reflection of his passion for what “Castello” does best – creating ultimately beautiful pipes that gives the ultimate smoking pleasure – that is now inherited and faithfully continued by his son in law Franco Coppo. 

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