Tonino Jacono

Tonino Jacono lives and works in Jesi, Marche. He started as a pipe maker in 1981 when his father in law suggested that they start a new company to make free hand pipes.

His father in law worked as a briar cutter for the most important Italian pipe factories. As a result, large quantities of briar passed through his sawmill. As a result, it was very easy for him to select the best briar for his son in law to make important pipes. Tonino's brother in law also loved to make pipes, and he had purchased equipment to make pipes. Therefore, these three family members, who had different tasks, formed a new company in 1981 to make pipes.

Tonino's father in law obtained the briar and made the drillings and his brother in law gave the shape to the pipe with various steps of smoothing. Jacono finished the pipe and made the sale.

Their business went up and down for a year and half. In 1983 Tonino decided to leave Calabria and return to Marche. After several months of studies, reflections, contacts, Tonino established his new workshop and 'JACONO' pipes were born in October 1983.

Tonino's philosophy was very simple: make good pipes and sell them at the right price. While the shapes and finishing of his pipes have changed over the years, his philosophy has remained the same. Even today Jacono cares for each pipe with the passion he had in 1981 when his father in law offered him his first job. He still makes each pipe by hand and works only with lucite mouthpieces. He uses Sterling Silver and precious woods inlays on many pipes. Most of his pipes are sold in USA, but he is also present in the most important stores in Europe, Russia, China and Japan.

Grading system

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