Vitaliano Posella

Despite the fact that Vitaliano Posella’s pipes are not yet well known in the international pipe community (as they should be), his long career as a pipemaker has been a storied and influential one.

Vitaliano’s father was a briar cutter operating a small sawmill based in Calabria, home of one of the best (and hardest) Italian briar. Vitaliano started making pipes with his brother-in-law, Tonino Jacono, more than 30 years ago, utilizing their family business as their exlusive source of briar. After a few years, Tonino Jacono moved to Jesi and decided to make pipes under his own name. Meanwhile, Vitaliano continued his small production of pipes that, under the circumstances, never reached beyond his local market.

It was until a few years ago when Vitaliano started cooperation with a few well-recognized and reputable pipe dealers, who help putting the marketing of Posella pipes on the right track.

As most of you know, I am always looking for new and interesting pipes to add to the Neatpipes selection so that I can offer the best available pipes to you. I strive to bring you the best pipes possible, directly from the pipemakers.

I met Vitaliano Posella a few years ago at the Cagli pipe show, where he showcased his pipes right next to Jacono’s works. I was very impressed with the care to detail that he puts into his pipes that was clearly evident; as well as his ability to bring the grain of the briar. Starting from the lowest “R” grade up to the highest straight grain grade “F3”, Posella pipes perfectly display the unmistakable Italian flair and proportioning, even within the confines of classic Billiards, Dublins, Apples, and Cherrywoods.

Engineering of Posella pipes is always nothing short of excellent; this is a reflection of Vitaliano’s philosophy as a pipemaker, which is that every pipe should be a great smoker! 

Vitaliano uses only Lucite to make mouthpieces, and has an annual production of 200-250 pipes.

Grading system

In this page you can find a gallery of some of the pipes of this carver previously sold at These pipes are not available. If you like one of them, please get in touch with us! We will help you to find a similar one!