Q: I found a pipe that I really like on Neatpipes.com; If and when I purchase it, will I receive the exact same one as in the photos, or a different one that is the same make/style?

A: All pipes showcased on Neatpipes.com are unique pieces! You will receive the exact same pipe as the one you see in the photos. Notice while you browse through Neatpipes.com that, beside the close-up pictures, there is a “details” page for each pipe, which lists its measurements, main physical characteristics, a video, as well as a short comment about the pipe and its sales price.



Q: The status of the pipe I like is showing as “Buy”; does it mean that I can proceed with placing my order to purchase it?

A: Absolutely! If the pipe is showing as “Buy”, go right ahead and order it so you don’t risk the chance of someone else beating you to it!



Q: The status of the pipe is showing as “On Hold”; what does that mean?

A: It means that it is currently reserved for someone. However, that does not mean that it has been sold and you have missed the chance of ever owning it! In some cases pipes that are “On Hold” may become “Available” again. 



Q: How do I reserve an “Available” pipe and put it “On Hold” for me?

A: That is easily done! We gladly offer you the convenience of putting a pipe on hold, for a period of time, without obligation to purchase. This is how it works: When you find a pipe on Neatpipes.com that you would like to own, but: you are not yet ready to make the commitment; or for whatever reason, you must post-pone the purchase; simply contact us and we will put the pipe on reserve for you so that you won’t have the regret of a missed opportunity!

We can reserve a pipe for you for up to 20 days without any deposit and obligation to purchase if you were to change you mind during this period. The pipe will be relisted on Neatpipes.com after the agreed period of time. To serve a pipe for a longer period of time, please contact us and we will gladly work with you on an agreeable arrangement!



Q: Is the price listed the right one? 

A: Our new system recognize your location and automatically sets the right language and currency for you. If you are from inside the European Union prices will be showed in Euros. All the prices showed are TAX FREE. If you live or if the shipping address is inside the European Union, you will be charged for the VAT, during the check-out process.



Q: Under what circumstance am I allowed to make a Tax-free purchase?

A: If your shipping address is OUTSIDE of the European Union, you may shop at Neatpipes.com Tax-Free. If it is INSIDE the European Union, VAT will be added to your purchase during the check-out process. 
Customs duties, VAT and/or import brokerage fees imposed by the destination country are NOT our responsibility. We do not falsify customs documents by declaring sold merchandise as gifts or at a value less than the real purchase price.



Q: How do I pay for my purchase?

A: We strive to provide you with as much security and convenience as possible, and as many choices and possible, when it comes to payment options. Current, you may pay for your purchase using any of the following methods:

  • VISA, MasterCard, Diners, Amex, JCB. You may pay for your purchases with your Credit Card through the secure and encripted server offered by Paypal

  • Through your PAYPAL account. This may be the simplest way to pay for your purchase. You may select “PayPal” as your payment method during checkout if you have a PayPal account.

  • INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER. Please contact us to arrange a payment agreement if this is your preferred method of payment.



Q: How will my order be shipped? What is the shipping cost?

A: As part of our effort to provide the best service possible to our customers, we will ship your pipe(s) directly to your home (shipping) address at a fixed charge of € 12,00 (approx US $ 15,00). Your order will be shipped through UPS Express Courier or FedEx. International delivery usually takes 2/3 business days from day of shipping (except any delay caused by custom clearance). Tracking number will be provided to you once the package is on its way so you may have the peace of mind, knowing exactly where your package is.

Orders are shipping only upon receipt of full payment.