di “Chas” Mundungus, w/ Luca di Piazza & Sensei Rainer Kockegey-Lorenz

Two of my favorite pipe-subjects are aesthetics and spirituality. On the latter, more later. But on the former—“the question of style,” as Sensei Fred Hanna and Richard Esserman write so convincingly about in The Perfect Smoke (169ff.)—where does the work of Claudio Cavicchi, one of my favorite Italian pipe-makers, fall? Using the Hanna/Esserman criteria, should Cavicchi be considered an “artisan,” an “artist” or a “master pipe maker”?*       To be classified as “artisan,” Hanna & Esserman write, “one must be highly skilled and accomplished, with a high degree of technical competence. A pipe is a functional instrument, not simply a decorative object.” I’d say 25-40% of the American-made pipes carved by individual makers I saw at last May’s Chicagoland show fail to meet this standard, even though some of their pipes were going for $500 or more.  Leggi di più

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di Luca di Piazza

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