di Mark Irwin

 A few years ago I read a discussion of a lightweight specialty pipe made by a certain Irish pipe maker which one pipeman referred to it as “the ideal flake pipe.” Well, I’ve smoked flakes my whole life and it got me to wondering: could there be such a thing as the ideal flake pipe? The perfect flake smoking instrument, the ne plus ultra of kapnismological flake engineering? The first thing I did (of course) was save up to get a pipe exactly like the one this fellow was describing. I’m sure you can guess the outcome: disillusionment, disappointment, disenchantment in discovering that not only was this pipe not the ideal flake pipe—not my ideal flake pipe, anyway—but it didn’t perform nearly as well in that service as many of the pipes already in my regular rotation! Okay. So much for “ideal” flake pipes. Leggi di più

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